Arsenal out of FA Cup

I stayed quiet for the last 10 days or so because I did not want to put out negative vibes BUT I saw nothing in the Bolton games or today to change my view of the shortfalls in our team and manager.

Lack of leadership, dreadful defending/goalkeeping, little if no physical presence, over reliance on certain players, a host of players that wouldn’t get within miles of previous good Arsenal teams, a deluded clown of a manager that has failed to safeguard the interest of the supporters with a ridiculous overindulgence in developing youth at the expense of the first team.

A big well done to Arsene for all the above and for failing to arrange for effective cover during Song’s absence whilst a special mention must go to the jokers on the board that are too busy counting their money to take action against a manager that has won nothing in over 4 years whist being in charge of one of the premier clubs in the world with a host of excellent resources at his disposal.

I think it is now fair to say that today we lost our only chance of silverware this season.


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