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Oh you silly thing, you’ve really gone & done it now.

March 28, 2010

Bad Pitch, Bad Ref' maybe, but sh%te goalie? For sure.

Yes we can blame a number of other factors for dropping points at Birmingham yesterday but when all is said and done our goalkeeper has a crisis of confidence, which is affecting him and our title chances badly. A solution is not available for the rest of this season but this should in no way excuse the manager for his inability to secure the services of better goalkeepers and not just in the recent January transfer window but at the very least last summer. His refusal to acknowledge what everyone else clearly sees is a real concern. Even with my sky+ pause & rewind you can see that Almunia turns a simple catch into a goal for the opposition. So what are the Arsenal coaching staff and Arsene using to assess performances? Playacting?

We also did not close the game out properly, we failed to retain the ball in midfield and upfront Nick in particular failed to hold the ball up, instead choosing to aimlessly knock the ball forward. Where was the instruction? Why did we not make a substitution in the three extra minutes to help waste time, break the rhythm up etc? All this is down to the manager. An Eduardo substitution even at 90 minutes would have had psychological consequences for both teams, which I believe would have been to our favour.

My final message is to all the Birmingham supporters who chanted Taylor’s name: Each and everyone of you throwbacks deserves your low life existence in the your run down, third world, poverty stricken dump so eloquently encapsulated by your sh*t for brains accent.

The Arsenal away train keeps chugging on down the line, woo! woo!

March 26, 2010

Really looking forward to going up to Birmingham for tomorrow’s game. I am reasonably confident that we can pick up all 3 points, not that I think it will be easy. Team selection will play a big part in determining the result and as always our defense will need to stay focused and strong. I really hope that Arsene does not confuse himself and make unnecessary changes to the team in some vain attempt to save players for Wednesday, as in my experience this usually back fires on him.

It will also be interesting to see if Eddie gets a game and how he copes with it. I do not think that Birmingham will necessarily go over the top in their physical challenges but do expect them to make it combative. This is a game that is also made for Theo, his pace should be devastating and could be key to us securing the points.

Come on you Gunners!

A big thank you to my dear friend Joseph for sending me this great photo, of me!

March 22, 2010

Three Teams, One Title and an Impartial Referee.

March 21, 2010
No hair, No Bias, No balls Webb

No Hair, No Bias and No Balls Webb

Another Saturday Night

March 21, 2010

The late great Sam Cooke

Whilst watching Match of the Day tonight, I saw an image of Ian Dowie, which reminded me of the Sam Cooke classic Another Saturday Night.


Another fella told me

He had a sister who looked just fine

Instead of bein’ my deliv’rance

She had a strange resemblance

To a cat named Frankenstein

Ian Dowie

Fancy a bargin Robot?

March 19, 2010

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Come the Revolution

March 18, 2010

Ryan Shawcross is vowing not to alter his style of play after serving a three-match ban for the tackle, which broke Aaron Ramsey’s leg. “It was an accident and these things happen. I’m not going to change the way I play,” said the Potters defender. Oh that’s good, perhaps you can break another players leg, which would make it a hat-trick for you. [Jeffers, Ramsey and  ?] Or would that make it four given that you broke both of Aaron’s bones?

Shawc&%t also says that “Sir Alex rang me after the Carling Cup final, which was good of him, and we had a good chat and that was just something to lift my spirits,” Hmmm, now I wonder what the good ole jock had to say? Well done for breaking his leg, that will teach him choose Arsenal over Manure. Oh and by the way me old matey don’t you dare do that to one of me boys, otherwise me and a couple of other red nosed caber tossing jockos will get glaswegian on your arse.

Shawc&%t goes on to say: “When you hurt somebody it is not nice” Well that’s unless your a sadist, otherwise that is a REAL pearl of wisdom indeed.

Tony Pullis a true coaching visionary of the beautiful game said “I think everyone who has seen the incident, apart from maybe one person [Arsene Wenger], recognises it was an accident,” Absolute Bollocks springs to mind and I hope that you have a similar accident you sweat from a baboon’s arse. Mr Puke goes on to say that “Ryan has been going into tackles in training and he’s been fine, he’s been bombing around and doing extra work”. Meanwhile, Ramsey has been at home nursing two broken bones in his leg. “It won’t make any difference to him and I’m delighted to have him back”. Oh that’s good, I too look forward to PERHAPS seeing Ramsey playing again this time next season. Oh and it is so good to hear both these gentleman (sic) full of apology and remorse.

As you can no doubt make out both these arse-wipes have made my list.


The Dude

March 16, 2010

I was sitting at our dinning table eating a lovely ‘Ruby Murray’ when I overheard my son, the Dude (10) talking. I looked up and he was lying on the floor in front of the telly watching the Chelsea, Inter game. This is what he had to say: “Oi, oi Terry, it gives me pleasure to tell you that your Mum’s a thief” This was followed after a while with “Oi Terry when you get home your Mum, the thief, has got you a bag of potatoes, a packet of cheese and a pussycat”. Although I do find it funny, I feel it necessary to point out that I am also a little bit concerned.

Words of advice

March 14, 2010

Never tell the mother of your young children when she complains that she didn’t get any flowers or a present for mothers day that she is not your mum. It didn’t seem to go down too well today. Of course those of you that know me should be in no doubt that I don’t do romantic, but in the case of the above person she somehow still thinks that I will one day wake up a modern western man and fulfil some idyllic vision. To emphasise this point, this is the same person that every morning asks me if I want a cup of tea! Of course I want a cup of tea, I want 10 cups of tea, when have I ever said no to a cup of tea? Why can’t you just make it and stop your blah blah? Oh well, that’s domestic bliss for you.

Open the Porto to the next round

March 9, 2010

I am concerned about tonight’s game against Porto. In particular, our ability to keep a clean sheet which I think will be key to us progressing into the next round. Our defense has been less than impressive all season and Porto will provide a goal threat all night on the break. The Hulk is a dangerous player and could prove our undoing.  We need big performances from several of our players and Coco also needs to find his ‘A’ game, otherwise it will be curtains.  I hope that Cesc has recovered from his hamstring injury as he is a class above the rest and really makes us tick. In front of goal we need to take our chances as we cannot afford the misses we had against Burnley. We need to start on the front foot, take the game to Porto but in a controlled measured way and not all guns blazing as our defense will be found wanting.

I do like European night games at the Emirates they do get the adrenalin running and get the heart pumping. Although, I have my doubts I look forward to a great game and hope for a thumping victory.

Come on you gunners!