That’s a bit rich Fergie

Whilst, chomping on his chewing gum, a Knight of the Realm, leading by example, had the temerity to state that “they [Bayern] got him [Rafael] sent off” and “that’s the “Germans for you”. Excuse me! You and your team are one of the worst examples of complaining, moaning, intimidating the referee etc of all time. When also asked by the incompetent interviewer after the game “did Bayern try to kick Rooney” he said “yes but we expected that”. Again is that something your team would never do? Marc Overmars for one and countless other skillful players might have a different opinion. To be fair to him, I don’t think he would argue in private with that, but it’s the dreadful commentators and pundits who can’t express themselves in an unbiased way that drive me potty. Jim Beglin is an idiot, apparently Gibson used Demichelis as a shield for his first goal. What Bollocks! Only Bayern players are cynical, whereas people like Fletcher, Nani, Vidic etc are not. What was Rafael if not cynical when he pulled back Ribbery or when he kicked out at Van Bommel? When Wayne Rooney dives for penalties, what is he being fair and honest?

The point is don’t try to make it about race as every nationality is the same, some people are honest, some are cheats and some are just professional. They do what they can to get the job done but please do not try to take the moral high ground when you are just the same as the rest of the world. No sport is exempt from cheating or cynical conduct and most probably never will be whilst it is played by free thinking human beings.

Final observation on the ridiculous over reaction by Sky pundits and countless others to Lionel Messi’s performance last night. Yes he was good, yes he is an exceptional talent, yes he is arguably the best player on the planet but please get real he was playing against an injury ravaged Arsenal side that even at full strength struggles to defend properly against any opposition let alone one of the best club sides or player in the world.

Good luck to Barcelona and Messi in the Champions League this season as they play football that is highly enjoyable to watch but also manage to be solid and highly effective, something that I hope Arsene takes note of.


2 Responses to “That’s a bit rich Fergie”

  1. Wellyousaythat Says:

    “…I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it”

  2. Gomez Says:

    Someone please slightly break a Nani leg. He came on as a sub a few days ago, I said to my nipper “watch this, he’ll fall over within 5 seconds”. He obligingly did, within three.

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