Smelly people get away with it.

Yes we can all pen and ink sometimes but what excuse is there for being a don’t get too close to me merchant? Whilst coaching my under 11 side this morning I came across a particularly offensive sweat odour. The boy in question should not necessarily be vilified but at the same time is surely coming to an age where personal hygiene must be starting to be a factor in his socialisation. Of course, the real blame must rest with the parents who seem to think that it is ok for their child not to bathe or wash. That he can sweat, dry off and then sweat some more on top of several previous sweat layers to create the kind of smell that could down an eagle from a 100 meters high, should be of concern to them but regretfully they are oblivious. (Whereas I just wish they were in oblivion)

The pragmatic answer is that I should have said to the father,  your son stinks, please have him washed for the sake of my and countless other mammals nasal passages. But as usual a sense of embarrassment takes over and we all say nothing. Can you adam and eve it? WE!!! are too embarrassed to say anything in case we cause THEM embarrassment! Oh that is just not the done thing, you can’t tell them that old boy, it’s just not cricket. Herein lies the problem, not just with the smelly people but criminals, vandals, anti-socialites, bad parents etc. We just don’t say anything, we just accept the deterioration of standards, values and morality. This comes at a very high price indeed, particularly if you, like me, value your liberty, sanity and olfactory nerve.


One Response to “Smelly people get away with it.”

  1. Wellyousaythat Says:

    You must be psychic! As I was assaulted by a stinker today I have penned ( ooh pardon the pun) a missive on smelly people for tommorows wellyousaythat
    great minds and noses think alike

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