What a crock of shite

Arsenal have given punters a good run for their money this term – defying gloomy pre-season predictions to challenge strongly for the title – but Wenger knows the pressure is on to deliver a trophy. What utter crap, early exits out of all the cup competitions and humiliating defeats to our closest rivals is not giving a good run for the money, which by the way in my case is 6 season tickets and an away record of 35 games in the last two seasons.

“I felt this year I must win a trophy and I believe we are very close,” he said. Rubbish, no goalkeeper and poor cover in key areas consigned us to embarrassing defeats against several teams including the White Shite Lane rabble. Only the deluded truly believe we came close to winning anything this year.

“I believe it is very difficult at the moment in England to stay at the top because you have so many teams who have quality and are threatening. Many teams? It’s only 2 teams, Manure and Chelski with both being awful this year as can be clearly demonstrated with their early exits in the Champions League.

“The first challenge is to stay at the top, then it is about winning the trophy, the League or the Champions League. The rest is cups and that is not exactly the same. The real quality is to win the championship or the Champions League. The cup competitions seem pretty important to Manure and Chelski given the amount of times they have both won those competitions in the last 6 years.  It may interest you to know that during those years Manure and Chelski have won 12 out of the 17 domestic trophies available (soon to become 14/18) In the meantime we have won 1 FA Cup. Why is it not deemed the same at Arsenal?

“The competition is very high just to stay at the top-level and that is a target that not everybody thought we would reach. We have not reached it yet so of course we will assess it. Sheer gibberish.

“It will be a decisive year next year for this team, that is for sure. Why wait another year? There are several players that need to be moved on now and we need to purchase at least 3 experienced players of exceptional quality. Also why is your position not in the mix?

Source: http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/wenger-we-are-close-to-winning-a-trophy

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