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September 17, 2010

Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce believes he is good enough to manage any of Europe's top clubs.

Top job would suit me said the deluded 55-year-old “I would be more suited to Inter Milan or Real Madrid, It wouldn’t be a problem for me to manage those clubs because I would win the double or the league every time”. Nah, can’t see it happening myself, my advise is to get a grip and stop drinking so heavily. The media favourite went on “Give me Manchester United or Chelsea and I would do the same, it wouldn’t be a problem”. Actually, this is starting to sound more like class A drugs. “It’s not a problem to take me into the higher reaches of the Champions League or Premier League and would make my job a lot easier in winning it.” Van, coats, men, white, these words are starting to resonate.

Now as total bollocks is the theme of the day, that other innovative coaching giant Mark Hughes, (what a total wanker) believes Allardyce would be a strong candidate to be the next England boss. Hughes said “Sam’s record in the Premier League stands comparison with any British, English or foreign manager at the level of the clubs he’s been at. He’s a successful Premier League manager and the view at this time is that England need an English manager. I also hold that view because it’s important that a country is led by someone of the same nationality”. Oh I see, (ala Basil Fawlty)  it’s the foreign manager’s fault for England’s abject, dismal, pathetic showing in the World Cup, not the over rated, shit for brains, knob head English players on the pitch, who betrayed their profession and Country. Is it just convenient or plain stupidity how easily people forget that the last time England had an English manager they failed to qualify for the European Championships. Just appoint the best person for the job, based on qualifications, experience, potential, ambition, passion, desire and leave the bigoted xenophobia to previous centuries.

For the record my view is that you would never be appointed to any of the above mentioned clubs and that even if by some strange perversion you were, you would be fired very soon after, just like you were at Newcastle. For the good of all football you should vacate your position to give way to a manager that wants his players to play football with the ball and not charge about the pitch like mindless neanderthals on Yeyo.

My final view is that you are a couple of cunts and always have been.