Sergeant Frank Drebin, Detective Lieutenant Police Squad

Six of the best

All I can say following today’s news of Leslie Nielsen death is RIP in peace Frank  you were a funny guy. Although, you made some real crap along the way Police Squad is TV comedy at its best and The Forbidden Planet remains one of my all time favourite films. Thanks for the laughs and nice beaver.


3 Responses to “Sergeant Frank Drebin, Detective Lieutenant Police Squad”

  1. wellyousaythat Says:

    “who are you and how did you get in?”
    For delivering the immortal answer;
    “I’m a locksmith and I’m a locksmith”
    We remain eternally grateful

    • captainkirk Says:

      How about:My name is Sergeant Frank Drebin, detective lieutenant, Police Squad, a special detail of the police department. There’d been a recent wave of gorgeous fashion models found naked and unconscious in laundromats on the west side. Unfortunately, I was assigned to investigate hold-ups of neighborhood credit unions. I was across town doing my laundry when I heard the call on the double killing.

  2. Gomez Says:

    I know a quiet little place that serves great Viking food..

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