High Noon

How long before we get a 10am kick-off?

Would you Adam & Eve it, Sunday’s F.A. Cup-tie has been scheduled for 12 noon! As a Football Association and Football Clubs do they not think for one second that a rather large number of people, young and old, play Sunday morning football? Obviously not, I now have a choice of watching my son play in an important cup game or using our season tickets at the Emirates. Both games are due to kick-off at the same time and despite being in command of a ‘Starship’, neither of us can be in two places at once.

TV and the armchair subscriber / licence payer are now able to dictate when Football Clubs play their fixtures irrespective of any inconvenience caused to us supporters that pay for match tickets. It is bad enough when we are scheduled to play in Manchester on a Monday night at 8pm, without any regards to lack of transport and time off work issues for the traveling supporters (In Manure case that’s 90% of the attendance) but a Sunday morning kick-off for me is absolutely ridiculous. It is another example of how expendable supporters that attend games are, compared to the might of TV companies and a worldwide audience.


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One Response to “High Noon”

  1. wellyousaythat Says:

    the poor sods who have to travel down for Huddersfield must be rather perturbed…or f*cking furios!
    money rules over sense or accountability

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