The Keys to Graydom

Too big for their boots

Sacked and resigned for comments made off-air between colleagues and friends. What utter crap, since when can people in a so called ‘Free Country’ (sic) not have a giggle between themselves. What right does anyone have to record a private conversation and then make that public? What utter hypocracy from a TV company that sacks a presenter under those circumstances when it advertises, broadcasts, finances and reaps rewards through sexism, amongst many other ‘isms’, virtually non stop?

Less than 2 weeks ago I blogged about Gray’s failings as an impartial and objective presenter that had been allowed to run wild. I advocated that both he and we needed a break from his ego but to sack him for his silly sexist remarks opens the door to a very gray world filled with two faced arses that hide behind their true beliefs in order to court popularity. Do you think for one second that Sky will replace Keys and Gray with female presenters? Hypocrites. Gray and Keys a couple of smug b’s? Yes, pathetic and out dated views on women in football? Yes.  But are you seriously saying that within the context of the football fraternity, sexism is not rife and that the best way to deal with this issue is to force out people on the basis of a private conversation between themselves? Do me a favour. I have to go now, I need my microphone tucked in.


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One Response to “The Keys to Graydom”

  1. wellyousaythat Says:

    I hope people now leave Sian Massey alone.Her job’s on the line!

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