Cnut Coward

Typical example of a Cnut Coward

A Cnut Coward in Cyprus assaulted an off-duty police officer because he supported a rival football team. The officer was a passenger in a friend’s car on their way to last Saturday’s game between archrivals Omonia and APOEL. They got caught up in a traffic jam and the officer was stabbed with a 20-centimetre-long knife three times on his left arm, which he used to protect his face.

About an hour before the kick-off a convoy of motorcycles carrying APOEL fans appeared on the Latsia flyover near the stadium. The APOEL fans saw the two friends, who were wearing the green and white colours of Omonia and immediately headed towards them, shouting abuse. Numerous APOEL supporters who had their faces covered with hoods, scarves and balaclavas surrounded the car and started hitting it, some using clubs, metal pipes and other sharp objects. One fan smashed the driver’s window while another opened the front passenger door and kicked the officer. The officer noticed another individual, behind the one kicking him, pulling a knife from the (military style) boot his was wearing who then tried to stab him in the face. The officer used his arms to protect his head, sustaining three wounds to his left arm. After this the fans jumped on their bikes and continued towards the stadium.

How low do you have to be to do something like this? What possible justification can anyone have for attacking a person for supporting a different team to you? What would or has been achieved by this cowardly attack. Although every effort is being made to capture the Cnut Coward it is possible he may evade capture, for now. But when caught for this or his next depraved act against human kind an appropriate punishment must be execution medieval style. I am tired of people making excuses for the criminally insane, the low life and all those that suffer from an incompatibility with society. I understand that their environment may have resulted in them becoming scum but why should the rest of us live under constant threat from them? The moment they decide to commit such heinous crimes they choose to step out from the protective shield of the law and should be subject to the ultimate punishment. The world will be a better and safer place without them.

(Various sources: LGR, PIK, Cyprus News, Cyprus Mail)


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