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I am in hell right now but I’m still willing to fight

March 31, 2011

20 days of not being able to blog, of not been able to think straight, with heavy heart, severe headaches, feelings of despair. The fact that the Wenger continues to torture us, inflicting needless defeats with great embarrassment on this great Club of OURS is only testament to the fact that we allow the suffering to continue through our inability to unite and fight for better management from top to bottom. There are still numerous fans (losers in every right themselves) that actually defend his flawed ideology along with inferior players rife throughout the club with an arrogance that even Pele and Maradona would dare not have. The time for changes has long since come and passed. What’s worse now is that those of us that have long championed the need for changes and accountability are growing tired of the fight. This ultimately and regrettably means that we may be starved of real success for many more years to come. So come on you Gooners, don’t let this continue, stand up, fight for the Arsenal and demand the success that this club deserves. People need to be sacked and moved on, there really is no room for sentimentality when it comes to winning.

Head to head again

March 11, 2011

Two managers and two great clubs with a fierce competitive nature

Another day, another chance to put the mid-week disaster behind us. Manure vs Arsenal is always a special fixture with the Daddy’s of football management in England, going toe to toe for the umpteenth time. The fixture is important to both clubs at any time, but given Manure’s back to back defeats and Arsenal’s loss in the Carling Cup Final, followed by an early exit in the Champions League the game takes on extra meaning by providing both teams with an opportunity to rebuild confidence and get back to winning ways. In truth both teams could yet win nothing this season but I believe that tomorrow’s winner will be given a major boost that could enable them to go on to win the League and FA Cup double, I really believe that the game has that high amount of significance.

I am still not over recent results (or Macho Grande) but I am an Arsenal fan and whatever happens will always support the team despite my strong objections and doubts about several players. So come on all ye gooners, get ready for the battle and let’s cheer our hearts out for the boys.

Just be a man and apologise

March 10, 2011

Knight of the Realm Fergie won't talk

Ferguson has lost the plot with his comments about the referee and without going into it in too much detail, whats good for the goose is good for the gander. He liked the FA’s decision regarding Rooney’s elbow yet complained when the FA decided to charge him for wild accusations about the Referee against Chelski. He is right when he states that Luiz should have been given a second yellow card but the penalty award against Smalling was correct. Other inappropriate remarks about the referee such as ‘fearing the worst’ were ill judged and counter to the Respect campaign. His response following the charge is to refuse to talk to the media. Pathetic, be a man, accept you made inappropriate remarks and apologise. End of.

The pain lingers

March 9, 2011

If only it were a fair fight

I for one still hurt following last nights encounter with Barcelona. The truth is that following such a  comprehensive defeat we  must all accept collective responsibility, from the Board to the manager, players and fans. Ask yourselves this, how can a team with so much passing ability, that regularly passes other teams off the park be so inept at passing at the Camp-Nou? Yes, we can deflect with the issue that the referee was awful and should not have sent off RVP (Although I agree he should not have been sent off, I believe he knew he was off-side and kicked the ball away). But in reality for the second year running we were passed off the park and the game was played virtually only in our half.

ZERO shots on or off target! 2 unfit players rushed back into playing based on reputation (both failed dismally), 2 players that have no business being on the same pitch with the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Messi etc. A manager that is tactically useless and increasingly delusional. A board that are happy with Champions League football, loads of money and NO silverware. Fans that defend the manager and the players for losing. We did not lose, we were embarrassed with wave after wave of Barcelona attack and our complete inability to hold onto the ball. RVP going off made little difference. Do you really honestly believe that we would have won or deserved too? I must also state that for me some of the players lacked passion, aggression, belief and confidence. How else can you or I explain the complete collapse in their ability to pass or retain the football?

How long can a manager watch his team and players being given the run around before taking action, do something, change anything but for the sake of all things Arsenal ACT. Show us why you were voted the Coach of the decade. Yes the referee was rubbish and only interested in booking Arsenal players. Barcelona as always get away with many things, especially off the ball, but the loss is not down to the referee it is down to us not being good enough.

Our other big failure was to finish runners-up in our group of shite and therefore risk being pitted against better teams. Once again the blame lies with the manager for his meddling with selection and not being able to see the job through. It will be a sad day when Arsene leaves but if we are to achieve the heights of yesteryear then it really is time for him to be moved aside.

I need time to reflect

March 8, 2011


A rare moment of happiness for the Arsenal

As any Starship Captain worth their command will tell you, one should always reflect on his or her decisions and analyses. I have therefore decide to spend some reflective moments to consider all the happenings at the Camp-Nou this evening before launching into a premature tirade on Arsene, the players, referee, opponents etc. I therefore invite you to join me tomorrow for a reflective post on a disappointing end to this years Champions League competition for Arsenal.


Barcelona here come The Arsenal

March 7, 2011

Each and every one of us needs to get behind the players

It no longer matters who is fit or what team we play, it is now about The Arsenal going into battle as one, united in spirit, determination and belief. We as suportters no matter where we are or how we see the game must get behind the team and will them onto victory. I for one will be cheering and shouting them all the way to the final whistle. Come on you gunners!

Yes we can

March 6, 2011

Sing your hearts out for the boys

Manure’s defeat by their bitter rivals today once again opens the door for Arsenal to claim the most open title race for many years. This Manure are nowhere near as good as previous teams and the idiots that only a few weeks ago were saying that they could emulate the great Arsenal invincibles team are now looking even sillier than they normally do, wakners. Manure had yet to play Chelsea at all, with away fixtures against Liverpool and Arsenal to come along with many other tricky games against teams fighting for points and their premiership survival. Manure have in the past had a couple of teams that were excellent, played good football and had great players throughout the side that brought home the silverware. The current lot are rubbish by comparison, confirmed by the fact that Giggs and Scholes still look like their best players.

Arsenal can win this, yes they can, had our manager been ruthless and made quality signings in key positions we would have been 12 points clear and close to being handed the trophy already. His stubbornness has for a while looked like it would cost us again this year, but the lack of consistency by the rest of the top teams means that he may yet pull it off despite several weaknesses in the squad. Of course I say good luck Arsene I hope you do it but should we fall (again) then we really do have to consider it a momentous failure, which should by rights cost you your position.  But for now I say come on everyone lets cheer the boys and Arsene home to the title, it’s there for the taking, come on you reds!

Again I say that they not good enough Arsene

March 5, 2011


A right pair of clowns


Well the manager of the month award curse struck again, albeit with the lesser force of a draw. But Arsene’s selection of Denilson and Diaby defies logic. Both players technically talented, with good engines and quick feet, but both seriously deficient in the brains department. They both lack the ability to read the game and make the right decisions (pass, move, head, shoot, tackle etc) at the right time. Defensively both prone to errors and without a full-out committment in challenges. They are no longer young players with potential, they are highly paid professionals playing in a team and for a club well above their station. Do I blame them? No, anyone in their right mind would seize the opportunity given to them by Arsene. The blame lies firmly on his shoulders. How many more opportunities can he give these clowns to let him and us down? If we are to win anything and begin a dynasty of continued success, we must shed these players and several others in the squad, otherwise we will continue to be close and yet so far from the silverware.

Strange? It’s fcuking unbelievable

March 4, 2011

Just as bemused to be fair

I agree with Arsene, you can’t lose a Cup Final to inferior opposition and win manager of the month, it’s nonsense really. The other problem is that when managers win this award it can lead to an immediate loss in the next game, now that would really piss me off.

Click here for Arsene’s comments

Celtic with Rangers pile on the passion and pressure on Callum Murray

March 3, 2011

Praise be to the referee

I don’t often praise ref’s but last night Callum Murray refereed one of the toughest games I have ever scene. Not that he got every decision right in my opinion, but that he stood firm and dealt with the rage of both the players and coaching staff of both teams. The extra pressure of the fans and live television must have made things all the worse for him, but he kept his cool even when he was man handled by the players. It did seem that Rangers were the ones spoiling for a fight and the Celtic players did well to keep their cool with challenges flying in all over the park. Walter Smith should also be praised for his conduct and for pulling back McCoist, whilst also trying to calm things down. Of course El Hadji Diouf once again showed what a complete zero he is with his ridculous conduct and poor play. The Scottish FA will no doubt take action rightly so, but when all is said and done it was a thrilling all out blood and guts game even if the chances were few and far between. I really enjoyed it with the spat at the end between Lennon and McCoist a real belly laugh.