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That’s the way to do it

May 29, 2011

February 16, 2011 - Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona - van Persie 78, Arshavin 83.

So That’s What Happened

May 28, 2011

Lions Roar

May 23, 2011


For the second year in a row the team I manage and coach, featuring my son ‘the Dude’ as captain, Whetstone Wanderers Lions, win the Watford Friendly League. Last year as Under 11’s & this year as under 12’s, yes that’s back to back CHAMPIONS, are you watching Arsene Wenger? As the terrace chant at Fulham went yesterday, spend some fcuking money.

6% Your Having A Laugh

May 17, 2011

Arsenal court the devil's number

Regularly readers will have no doubt noticed that I have refrained from blogging about the Arsenal. What more could I have said or contributed that has not already been said on countless other blogs and forums. To be clear my objections are not based on this year or last year, they go back much further to even a time we were winning trophies. I genuinely still believe that the great invincibles side under achieved. But I am not going to go on about that or the current rubbish that Arsene Wenger and the spineless board have subjected us too.

The issue today is the 6% increase in season ticket prices. What for? Has the product quality increased? No. Are we about to embark on a major spending spree? No. So again I ask what is it for? At a time when people are finding themselves with less disposable income why would a club that is fan based do that to its supporters? I would suggest that an alternative strategy would have been to reduce the wage bill, firstly by off loading all the rubbish at the club, including a few of the players on loan to other clubs that quite frankly will never make it into a championship winning Arsenal side.

Of course the most honourable thing to do is for all the playing and coaching staff to take a 6% (some might say more) cut in their remuneration package and still thank their lucky stars for being in the most vastly over paid industry in the world. Apart from the honour they should agree to it based solely on their gross failure throughout the season, which included losing a cup-final to a team that is on the verge of being relegated.

6% more Arsenal, you are having a fcuking laugh.

An ‘ing’ can make all the difference

May 3, 2011

Today I went to Homebase in Haringey. I asked a shop floor assistant (?) where I could find a TV Wall Mount? A quizzical look came upon her face and she gazed into the distance. Luckily (I use the term loosely) a colleague of her’s was walking towards us, ask my colleague she responded, Aha I thought, here is the man with the knowledge. Excuse me, can you please tell me where I can find TV mounts? What? He responded. TV mounts. What is that? You know (thinking back now I don’t know why I said that) brackets to mount flat screen TV’s to the wall. Hmmm, you mean TV mounting he said. Boy did I have egg on my face or what? He then pointed to a distant aisle and walked off, probably thinking he was clever. Now seriously I ask you, is there anybody out there that thinks I was not within my rights to kick the shit out of him?