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Spock and Kirk rocking it around Mars, again!

June 20, 2011

Here’s a picture of me in my new Arsenal kit.

June 18, 2011

Quite dashing, even if I do say so myself.

Image may not be reproduced without prior permission from captainsarse, otherwise I’ll put a captain in your arse.

It’s Amazing

June 17, 2011


To Tweet or not to Tweet?

June 16, 2011

Why don't you babe

I have finally had to succumb to the over whelming pressure from all my thousands upon thousands of readers to start up a Twitter service. It seems that you all require more information and my opinions on the goings on at Arsenal. Therefore, following a few days of trials I am pleased to announce that you can now all follow me on twitter via:!/captainsarse

Caller Puts Chef Straight

June 15, 2011

Chef Blows His Top

I was watching the Cyprus TV channel PIK (pronounced RIK), which in itself is quite a rarity for me but always highly comical. There was a ‘professional chef’ demonstrating how to cook grilled chicken. Not too adventurous you might think but it did involve good prep’ and a decent topping. The show’s presenter then came on (a lovely filly if I do say so myself) and they started a phone in. After a few boring calls a gentleman came on the phone that had noticed the Chef was not wearing a hat whilst cooking and asked the ‘Chef’ that as a ‘professional chef’ should he not be wearing a hat when cooking? The Chef irritated at the temerity of the caller responded with, “does your wife wear a hat when she’s cooking your food”? To which the caller responded, “no, but that’s why I keep finding hair in my food”.