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Wembley Way

February 7, 2013

Wembley Way

Went to see England play Brazil with The Dude last night and really enjoyed it. Whilst I have been to several other international matches mostly featuring ‘The Mighty Cyprus’ I had never been to an England match for a variety of reasons, mostly related to perceptions of their fans. Preceding the game was a period of silence for Bobby Moore, The Munich Air Disaster and the Rio Night Club tragedy, which was poorly observed by a number of low life idiots. May they suffer the fate their behaviour deserves. To be fair but for a few idiots during the game abusing Brazil fans sitting amongst England fans it was a good atmosphere and I would definitely go again, especially if like last night were given free tickets by The F.A. due to being an F.A. Licensed coach.

On another note, the Arsenal boys were excellent and the Spurs boys were Spud like 🙂 It reminded me of when I went to see ‘The Mighty Cyprus’ play Scotland at Hampden Park. We went into a local pub in Celtic territory and got to know the locals over a jar or two of lager, non-alcoholic of course. They told us that when the Scotland team had more Rangers players than Celtic they did not go and vice-versa. I thought I understood it at the time even if I did not necessarily agree with the practice. After all shouldn’t national pride come first? Fast forward to last night when the Arsenal boys were introduced we cheered and clapped enthusiastically and when the Spuds were introduced we looked at each other and shook our heads disapprovingly. You see no matter how hard one tries local rivalries are fully justified and do take precedent.