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Exploring a New Frontier

May 27, 2007

I have been hearing about Blogs for a while so I thought I would find out what all the fuss is about and give it a go.

Not sure what I have to say at the moment or why anyone would want to read or comment on my thoughts? But with so much media and cultural bias in the world I think this may be an opportunity to reflect some alternative ideas and thinking to a world that already seems to be on a collision course with disaster.

Once I start to post regular blogs I will be focusing on the Arsenal, Football reporting, pundits, society (particularly the personal social development of young people), film/TV reviews and the injustices that plague our lives.

I hope from time to time you will dip into this blog to agree or disagree with the comments but above all that it will allow for a safe forum for frank, honest free expression and debate.


Captain J.T.K.

P.S. Although, the blog title refers to my all time favourite sci-fi show it is not intended to be a Trekkie blog. However, I will most probably post some blogs referring to the show, its cast and spin off’s.