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Another Arsene Youth Policy Success Story

May 29, 2010

Fran signs for Atletico Madrid and proves that waiting all these years for the 'young uns' to develop was worth it for all us Arsenal supporters.

Why haven’t I blogged for days?

May 27, 2010

I'm pissed off, that's why.

Always pay your taxes ‘arry

May 20, 2010

In preparation for next season, this special limited edition souvenir piece of shite available from all the usual places you buy your Hotshite crap

Cesc tells Arsene he wants to leave

May 19, 2010

Arsene's shock reaction to Cesc's request.

OMG, how embarrassing even for Hotshite?

May 17, 2010

Apart from what glory? How sad do you have to be to want to buy this worthless piece of junk?

Cup Final Day Blues

May 15, 2010

Merse and me enjoyed winning the League Cup

As I sit at home on Cup Final day, I can’t help but remember all the great days we’ve had over the years at Wembley and Cardiff watching the Arsenal in the Cup Finals. Even when we somehow lost to Liverpool it was still a fantastic day out. Yet for some reason once again I feel that the squad, team, players were not allowed to do themselves justice by the casual or is that arrogant attitude of Arsene in making the domestic cup competitions a low priority. We were somehow all duped into accepting that the League Cup was a good opportunity to test the younger players and in light of their success we turned a blind eye. However, there was a sprinkling of experience and leadership that made that team successful, which regrettably is not the case now due to a serious lack of quality and experience to support the young un’s.  Of course, the fact that we were winning the League and FA Cup on a regular basis made for an all accepting endorsement of this policy, especially as we all believed that winning the Champions League was only around the corner. BUT the League Cup approach has now encroached into our FA Cup selection and the deluded belief shared only by Arsene and his ‘knows best’ lackies that we can give up both the domestic cup competitions on the basis that they interfere with our quest for the other two, is laughable at best. Barcelona won everything last year without an over indulgence in playing youth, Bayern Munich and Internazionale are both on the verge of completing League & Cup doubles as they prepare for the Champions League Final, so why can they do it and not us? The fact is that they both have superior match day coaches and are set targets that if not met result in heads rolling.

I have therefore now come to the conclusion that Arsene is a true master of spin and has created a massive smoke and mirrors screen that enables him to function with impunity. He has dismantled an all-conquering unbeaten team and replaced it largely with ordinary mid-table La Liga or Serie ‘A’ players at best. (Think of Helb and Flamini, good players for us, reserves for Barcelona and AC Milan). Perhaps the real truth is that even if we played our first team in the FA or League Cup we would still get beat and that in a nutshell is Arsene’s master stroke, he deflects from the criticism that would bring, through the defense of the need to blood or rest players. The reality is that in recent times he has squandered our resources for far too long. The ‘Board’ MUST force him to change his approach and he must fully accept the challenge that managing one of the world’s top football club’s brings with it pressure to win all competitions entered, otherwise he must be relieved of his command.


May 9, 2010

Whetstone Wanderers Lions - Under 11 Champions 2010

Today the team that I manage/coach and that my son ‘The Dude’ skippers, won the Watford Friendly League’s Under 11 Championship. What made the season even more remarkable was that we played 16 games, won 15 and drew 1, which I believe now entitles us to be described as the Invincibles. Are you watching Arsene Wenger?

On the other hand we could tell The Arsenal

May 8, 2010


Hung Parliament 2010

May 7, 2010

A moral imperative that transcends any notion of inherent universal free will. (Woody Allen)

Election Choices

May 6, 2010