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And then depression set in

February 28, 2011

Wenger: 'We are all bitterly disappointed' - Tell me about it Arsene

Beyond Arsene’s selection brainwaves, lack of tactical planning and preparation, he once again demonstrated that he is incapable of motivating or inspiring players to achieve victory. I think it didn’t matter too much who played yesterday against Birmingham, we should have won had there been a true desire to win and not an assumption on our superiority. I do not know how many of the players really wanted to win yesterday to the extend that they gave everything and played their hearts out. Birmingham did exactly that because their manager instilled those qualities into his players.

Arsene has so many resources at his disposal and yet he still cannot find a way to beat an average side. How did we win in Copenhagen? Plan, system, heart, courage, belief and fighting spirit all spring to mind, shame I can’t say that about yesterday.

Instead of waking up today again as footballing idols (sic), they should hang their heads in shame and be shown the door, lockers in the car park starting with the demented fool at the top.

Click here for Arsene’s dissapointed comments


We’re the famous Arsenal and we’re going to Wem-ber-ley, Wem-ber-ley, Wem-ber-ley…

February 27, 2011

Legendary Club with a history of legendary players

Come on boys do the bizo

February 26, 2011

All for one and one for all, come on you reds!

Bruce Lee, brother of Pan de li

February 25, 2011

Bruce Lee, master of martial arts and one very cool cat

Unrivalled & unsurpassed, there are just not enough superlatives to describe Bruce, he was and is an inspiration to all. Truly one of the greatest people to have ever walked the planet and a member of that elite group of people that all died before their time. Still sorely missed.

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Injurys. Non, je ne regrette

February 24, 2011

Unlucky boys

Yes it is highly disappointing that we lost our Captain, Cesc Fabregas and speed merchant Theo Walcott for this week’s Carling Cup final. Yes we would be better off with them in the squad but we won the League game against Stoke using our best players, which we may not have achieved had we rested them for the final. These are the risks that need to be taken when competing for trophies and those 3 points were vital in our pursuit of the Premier League Title. The only issue for me is that we have allowed our squad to fade. By that I mean that the replacements in some cases are not true Arsenal standard and therefore anxiety sets in along with the odd disaster. Even so, we must surely still have enough quality and competitive hunger to be able to produce a trophy winning result this Sunday. Come on you reds we’ve been too long without a trophy, bring it home for the good of all things Arsenal.

Gawd help us

February 23, 2011

Trying to be cleaver has cost us on so many occassions

Please Arsene just pick your best 11 for each game as we keep getting caught out virtually every time you try to save players for the next game and end up losing both games. As I have commented many times how do you become able to play several games over short periods if you never do?

On another note, I really hate Pullis type coaches (made worse by ignorant British media journalists and their like) who cannot see past the up & at ’em, rough & tumble, hoof it up, long throw bollocks to excuse their inability to coach their players to play football that excels in movement with or without the ball.

Click here for Arsene’s views.

These cats were serious about abusing their women & just about anything else for that matter

February 22, 2011

King Henry VIII a proper King

The Tudors on the BBC is a good watch, not for its accurate (not) portrayal of  historical fact but for the dramatisation of a key period in England’s and Britain’s history. Yes they have made changes to some events but overall it is a reasonable account of the period which I find quite fascinating. The brutality of the period is remarkable and at times highly shocking. I also find it incredible how someone like King Henry VIII can be so religious and yet think nothing of ordering the deaths or torture of wives, friends, opponents etc. Similar to Hollywood’s depiction of Mafia bosses using the church to absolve them of the deeds through confessions and donations.

What I like most about King Henry VIII is that he takes decisions and is a leader not afraid to take risks and alienate others just to court approval. I would have enjoyed immensely a beer and a chat with him.

The real King Henry VIII

Phew, thanks Alex, now we can all sleep

February 21, 2011

Song confident we will win replay

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Well whadda you know?

February 20, 2011

Arsenal draw with the O's.

I think it was a good result today. The reason being that given the players Arsenal had on the pitch, what did we realistically expect? In fact ask yourself this, how well would those Arsenal players do playing for the O’s? For me some of them would not even make their starting line up. Of the 11 that started the game for Arsenal, only 3 would make my squad (Sagna, Song & Arshavin) and only Sagna would be an automatic first choice. The jury is still out on Gibbs and Miquel but as for the rest I can say without doubt that they are not good enough for the Arsenal. Strip away the underdog sentiment and face the fact that it was not even a great display from the O’s that kept Arsenal at bay. Arsenal passed the ball about but lacked penetration and possession without end product is worthless.

Beguiling & Hypnotic

February 19, 2011

I really like the reverse element of this trailer, as it made a run of the mill zombie kill fest quite fresh and mesmerising. It would also be very interesting to see if it would be possible to watch an entire film like that? If I was a film maker that is definitely something I would explore. In the meantime, expect to see plenty of copycat trailers to start appearing.

Special thanks to my good friend Joe for sending me the trailer.