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Awight mate, I fink I sorted out me taxes dis year.

January 31, 2011

fcuking twit/ch

I really enjoyed Fulham’s comprehensive dismantling of soon to be Stratford’s new football team. Arry’s face was a picture, puffed up cheeks with his twitch on overdrive. What a dreadful team selection (yes I know I could have just left out the word selection). Trying to copy the Arsenal way with vastly inferior players will get you Spuds no where. The pitch was awful, so playing out from the back with no escape route to a target man, sheer hotshite genius. The one competition left that you may have done well in (yeah right) and you failed again dismally.

So let us have a look at your season so far: Struggling to finish in the top four and may yet slip out of the top five; Lost to Arsenal in the League Cup at your shit-hole 4-1 (your only game in the competition); Lost to Fulham 4-0 in FA Cup (only your second game in the competition); I hear your scum saying, yeah but we are still in the Champions League? Allow me to retort thus you slime from a diseased maggot farm, no chance, even if all the teams left withdrew from the competition you would still end up on the losing side.

Meanwhile let’s travel from East London to North London where the mighty Arsenal are the only Club in England still in with a chance of winning all four competitions. Closing the vast gulf between us? Never have, never will.

Cnut Coward

January 30, 2011

Typical example of a Cnut Coward

A Cnut Coward in Cyprus assaulted an off-duty police officer because he supported a rival football team. The officer was a passenger in a friend’s car on their way to last Saturday’s game between archrivals Omonia and APOEL. They got caught up in a traffic jam and the officer was stabbed with a 20-centimetre-long knife three times on his left arm, which he used to protect his face.

About an hour before the kick-off a convoy of motorcycles carrying APOEL fans appeared on the Latsia flyover near the stadium. The APOEL fans saw the two friends, who were wearing the green and white colours of Omonia and immediately headed towards them, shouting abuse. Numerous APOEL supporters who had their faces covered with hoods, scarves and balaclavas surrounded the car and started hitting it, some using clubs, metal pipes and other sharp objects. One fan smashed the driver’s window while another opened the front passenger door and kicked the officer. The officer noticed another individual, behind the one kicking him, pulling a knife from the (military style) boot his was wearing who then tried to stab him in the face. The officer used his arms to protect his head, sustaining three wounds to his left arm. After this the fans jumped on their bikes and continued towards the stadium.

How low do you have to be to do something like this? What possible justification can anyone have for attacking a person for supporting a different team to you? What would or has been achieved by this cowardly attack. Although every effort is being made to capture the Cnut Coward it is possible he may evade capture, for now. But when caught for this or his next depraved act against human kind an appropriate punishment must be execution medieval style. I am tired of people making excuses for the criminally insane, the low life and all those that suffer from an incompatibility with society. I understand that their environment may have resulted in them becoming scum but why should the rest of us live under constant threat from them? The moment they decide to commit such heinous crimes they choose to step out from the protective shield of the law and should be subject to the ultimate punishment. The world will be a better and safer place without them.

(Various sources: LGR, PIK, Cyprus News, Cyprus Mail)


January 29, 2011

Has Arsene finally seen the light?

Wojciech Szczesny is Arsenal’s No 1 at the moment, according to Arsène Wenger. The manager now believes, that the 20-year-old has to be ousted from that position. Arsene said “He’s done nothing for me to take him out”. All I can say is that this is music to my ears, come on Arsene, come on you reds, it’s all up for grabs now!


The Keys to Graydom

January 28, 2011

Too big for their boots

Sacked and resigned for comments made off-air between colleagues and friends. What utter crap, since when can people in a so called ‘Free Country’ (sic) not have a giggle between themselves. What right does anyone have to record a private conversation and then make that public? What utter hypocracy from a TV company that sacks a presenter under those circumstances when it advertises, broadcasts, finances and reaps rewards through sexism, amongst many other ‘isms’, virtually non stop?

Less than 2 weeks ago I blogged about Gray’s failings as an impartial and objective presenter that had been allowed to run wild. I advocated that both he and we needed a break from his ego but to sack him for his silly sexist remarks opens the door to a very gray world filled with two faced arses that hide behind their true beliefs in order to court popularity. Do you think for one second that Sky will replace Keys and Gray with female presenters? Hypocrites. Gray and Keys a couple of smug b’s? Yes, pathetic and out dated views on women in football? Yes.  But are you seriously saying that within the context of the football fraternity, sexism is not rife and that the best way to deal with this issue is to force out people on the basis of a private conversation between themselves? Do me a favour. I have to go now, I need my microphone tucked in.

Brum Brum

January 27, 2011

Arsenal to face Brum's cutting edge football in the Final

Wemberly, Wemberly

January 26, 2011

There's a great big place in London & it's called Wemberly, Wemberly, Wemberly...

On the Verge

January 25, 2011

Final's Calling

I hate making predictions mostly because when I do it always seems to go wrong. I then rationalise it with it was my fault, I jinks it, had I kept my mouth shut we would have won. However, tonight game against Ipswich must surely result in an emphatic Arsenal victory despite the fact that Ipswich will do their utmost to hold on to their 1-0 lead in the hope they prevail to the final. Of course, for Arsenal to be victorious Arsene will need to pick a reasonably strong team and the players will need to realise from the start that there is much work to be done and that merely turning up will not be enough. Providing all this is in place then I will go out on a limb and predict at least a 3-goal margin with comfortable passage into the final. Que sera sera…

High Noon

January 24, 2011

How long before we get a 10am kick-off?

Would you Adam & Eve it, Sunday’s F.A. Cup-tie has been scheduled for 12 noon! As a Football Association and Football Clubs do they not think for one second that a rather large number of people, young and old, play Sunday morning football? Obviously not, I now have a choice of watching my son play in an important cup game or using our season tickets at the Emirates. Both games are due to kick-off at the same time and despite being in command of a ‘Starship’, neither of us can be in two places at once.

TV and the armchair subscriber / licence payer are now able to dictate when Football Clubs play their fixtures irrespective of any inconvenience caused to us supporters that pay for match tickets. It is bad enough when we are scheduled to play in Manchester on a Monday night at 8pm, without any regards to lack of transport and time off work issues for the traveling supporters (In Manure case that’s 90% of the attendance) but a Sunday morning kick-off for me is absolutely ridiculous. It is another example of how expendable supporters that attend games are, compared to the might of TV companies and a worldwide audience.

Waste vs Gooner Heaven

January 23, 2011

Bulldozers at the ready

As much as I would love it if Spurs relocated to Stratford, when I think of the money that has been spent on the Olympic Stadium it is hard to justify destroying it and building another football stadium on its site. What a ridiculous waste of monies, especially at a time of world economic recession and massive job losses.

On the other hand West Ham are never likely going to use it to capacity and the track around the stadium will affect the atmosphere no end. Imagine they drop down a division or 2? Their attendances would fall drastically, considerably affecting their finances, which would impact on the stadium’s viability and sustainability. I like Upton Park, it is a true football stadium, old yes, but not decrepit. Can it really not be salvaged with new seating and a lick of paint? The fans with the help of the stadium design generate a great atmosphere, evening cup ties are especially electric. Without doubt, the atmosphere would change dramatically should they be successful in their bid and I doubt whether the older generation of Hammer is totally satisfied or truly in favour of the move.

Hotshite on the other hand will fill out the stadium and provide a long-term future for it. Their plans to invest monies to redevelop British athletics’ current home at Crystal Palace into a world championship-standard venue also makes sense and ticks the Olympic legacy box. The bottom line is that football is far more popular and more importantly regular than athletic meets. It will be a far more successful project in the hands of Stratford Hotshite than Brady, Gold and Sullivan that are probably more interested in the short-term financial value of the club or in other words their investment, than anything specific to West Ham United as a Club or their fans.

It will also spark mass celebrations amongst Gooners all over the world when the poor, little, shits get out of dodge. As Sparks sang ‘this town ain’t big enough for both of us’, now fcuk off east.

Well Done Boss

January 22, 2011

Looking good, feeling good.

With the exception of Thomas Vermalen, Arsene most probably played his best team today. Walcott played well I thought, particularly in the 1st half and is beginning to show many good signs of improvement. I was impressed with the way he held off the Wigan defender until RVP came in to score his third goal of the day. Last season Walcott would have fallen over under the challenge and the chance would have gone. RVP has also started to get back to his best after his last injury and is demonstrating what it means to have a forward capable of scoring 20+ goals a season. The problem for him and Arsenal is the fear that his long term next injury maybe just around the corner. I hope not as he is now 27 years old and time is running out for both him and us.

Cesc is also starting to get back to somewhere near his best after his injury and general fatigue following his World Cup exploits. Sami is also offering a different type of threat with his remarkable balance, quick feet, penetrating runs whilst his goals have certainly made a difference. When Arsenal play with this type of control and pace then they are almost unplayable, but hold on let’s just put the brakes on for a second as we must bear in mind that Wigan were poor and never really got going in the game. Then again we didn’t let them, we worked hard as a team and our attitude was right, something, which has been missing in quite a few games this season, especially against perceived ‘inferior opposition’ and from winning positions. Sterner tests await us but overall our run in for the season does look favourable, although I seem to recall last year the situation being the same but to no avail. However, we are stronger and better than last season and all things being equal we should do a lot better this time round.

If we can keep this line up playing until the end of the season then we must surely be on course for a trophy or two. The Champions League is probably a step too far but the League is somehow still on. If we are to have any chance of winning the Premier League then Arsene MUST pick his team carefully and realise that Diaby, Eboue, Denilson, Bendtner, Rosicky can only play when there is no other option, the Wigan away game only 3 and a half weeks ago was proof of this. Those 2 points dropped may still come back to haunt us. I suggest Arsene that you pick the best players available on the day and don’t rest players for upcoming games on the basis that they are needed in those games more. This can only work if you win the game you rested them for, which has sadly not happened for you on far to many occasions over the years.

But let’s finish on a positive, the manager and players deserve at least that much after today’s performance. Arsenal today were excellent, despite what you might think of the opposition, they performed at a high level and did everything asked of them and for the first time in a long while I felt as if we were starting to realise our potential. Come on you reds.