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Why why why Denilson ? dada dada dada dada da

January 31, 2010

Just got back from the thoroughly disappointing loss to Man Utd and looking forward to the excuses that Arsene will give to explain another defeat at home. Coco in goal gets worse and worse, the 4-3-3 system is a shambles, whilst Denilson contributes nothing. He allowed Rooney to go past him to score the 2nd goal, despite the fact that he was 10 yards in front of Rooney to begin with. Unable to provide a penetrative pass, unable to get forward or defend just what does he do that Arsene finds so valuable?

The third goal was just a pathetic as we went from a defensive 4 v 1 situation to Park being 1 on 1 with Coco? You may have noticed that I have kinda ignored their first goal as I really can’t begin to comprehend what, how or why?

Arsene has again found a way to finish off our season with his stupid selection at Stoke to put as out of the one tournament we may have stood a chance of winning and in the meantime we have secured 1 point from 6 out of the so called season defining 4 game sequence. Resting the players worked a treat then Arsene, just as it has for you in previous years. You have gone from being one the most admired club managers who attracted and developed some of the worlds greatest players into becoming a stubborn fool too blinded by his own arrogance to see the short falls of his dogma.

To all the Arsene knows supporters I would like to pose the following question: What is it exactly that he knows?

Post – Villa

January 28, 2010

I am going to keep this short and sweet.

So the point of resting players against Stoke and going out of the FA Cup was to gain a point at Villa and pick up two further injuries.

Still it’s ok, Arsene knows.


January 27, 2010

With kick off roughly 2.5 hours away I am starting to get anxious, I want to be proved wrong about Arsene’s match selection at Stoke, which I still think ultimately cost us our best chance of silverware this season. I would like nothing better than a win tonight and I don’t care if it is 10-0 or a lucky, scrappy, deflected 1-0 victory goal, all that matters is the 3 points. The problem is that if we lose tonight we would have squandered our FA Cup place for nothing. Others might try to further deflect by pointing to the Manchester United game this Sunday, but for me it is all nonsense. These are professional footballers and athletes if they can’t handle a couple of games a week then I suggest we look at their diet and training.

Players are payed unbelievable amounts of money and yet they can’t perform twice a week. If you look at the ‘ball in play’ stats for premier league games it is 60mins. That means for 30 minuets they are at rest. People then talk about the pressure, nervous energy and stress which anyone in any employment, relationship, family has in abundance. The excuses are laid down by the fraternity to self perpetuate the myth that it is all too much for them. Also is stamina not built up over time, if you keep resting players how can the become fit enough to play 2 games a week?

Again I hope I am proved wrong but I do fear that our season could be over in the next couple of weeks.

Arsenal out of FA Cup – The aftermath

January 25, 2010

I find it disturbing that Arsene has a track record of resting players for a game that we end up losing anyway and as a consequence lose the first game as well. The fact that he is on record as saying Denilson can replace Song ‘without a problem’ (see is proof that he has lost perspective.

The fact that we have to rely on Song who although clearly warrants his position and is the most improved player, is not exactly a giant of world football. (sic) The clincher and validation for me to accuse Arsene of gross managerial incompetence is that we knew Song would be going away with Cameroon and did nothing to find effective cover. The other concern must also surely be that even if he comes back tomorrow what if he gets injured? Suppose it is his cruciate ligament? What then? We write the season off? Arsenal football club is not Arsene’s corner shop to do with as he pleases and ignore basic management principles. He put together one of the greatest club sides ever but has now reduced us to a circus act. Oooh, Arsenal play such nice football, win nothing but what the heck its good to watch.

People also keep talking about the next four games and seem to forget that the 5th game is away Porto. If the team fails to win 6 points over the next 4 games and we loose to Porto I think enough is enough, thanks for the memories, we love you dearly but au revoir Arsene.

Arsenal out of FA Cup

January 24, 2010

I stayed quiet for the last 10 days or so because I did not want to put out negative vibes BUT I saw nothing in the Bolton games or today to change my view of the shortfalls in our team and manager.

Lack of leadership, dreadful defending/goalkeeping, little if no physical presence, over reliance on certain players, a host of players that wouldn’t get within miles of previous good Arsenal teams, a deluded clown of a manager that has failed to safeguard the interest of the supporters with a ridiculous overindulgence in developing youth at the expense of the first team.

A big well done to Arsene for all the above and for failing to arrange for effective cover during Song’s absence whilst a special mention must go to the jokers on the board that are too busy counting their money to take action against a manager that has won nothing in over 4 years whist being in charge of one of the premier clubs in the world with a host of excellent resources at his disposal.

I think it is now fair to say that today we lost our only chance of silverware this season.